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The BRT OPTIMUM profile combines art and science to maximize performance. While its smooth transitions and gentle tapers are organically inspired, the end result is backed by extensive analysis, design and testing. The profile is thicker near the throat for better heat resistance and uniform thermal performance, tapering toward the muzzle to reduce weight and improve balance. The handguard cap shoulder is eliminated from the .750" diameter gas block journal, which is dimpled for simple installation of a BRT MicroPin gas block. The end result is a medium weight, fast handling barrel with improved consistency across various loads and firing schedules.

BRT Extended Length Gas System

The BRT Extended length gas system was created to provide OPTIMUM performance from 16" barrels. The gas system length controls the timing of the gas cycle and overall gas drive available. Existing gas systems, while functional, don't offer the balance of factors to allow exceptionally smooth cycling with maximum reliability. The BRT design balances these factors to optimize gas system performance under extreme conditions.

The BRT extended length gas system is longer than the standard mid-length, but shorter than the Noveske Intermediate length.

BRT Gas Drive

The BRT Gas Drive provides exceptional smoothness with extreme reliability. The gas port size controls how much pressure is delivered to the action and therefore how much gas drive is available to cycle the action. Proper balance is critical to the reliability and longevity of the system.

BRT barrels are designed to work best with full pressure 5.56 ammunition and the following buffer systems: VLTOR A5H2, Rifle and Carbine H2.

Suppressor Ready 5/8-24" Muzzle Thread

Precision cut threads are specified to a tighter tolerance and better bore alignment than standard threads, while maintaining compatibility with all common muzzle devices.

4 Groove Rifling 1/7 Twist

The 1/7 twist rate stabilizes the heaviest projectiles in extreme environments, while producing excellent performance from lighter training and varmint projectiles.

416R Stainless Steel

This certified stainless steel is produced exclusively for use in rifle barrels. This steel is inspected and certified to meet strict requirements of chemistry and composition at the mill before continuing on to be made into a barrel blank.

Satin Finish

BRT stainless barrels are bead blasted to a satin finish outside to blend beauty while retaining the corrosion resistant properties of the stainless steel.This new surface improves extraction and velocity while resisting fouling and corrosion.

Hand Lapped Bore

BRT stainless barrels are hand lapped to polish the bore to a very smooth surface. This process improves accuracy and velocity while resisting fouling.

223 WYLDE or 5.56 MOD0 chamber

This proprietary chamber allows maximum compatibility with all commonly available ammunition types, including military 5.56, brass cased .223 and steel cased .223. Improved dimensions over a 5.56 NATO chamber offers match grade accuracy while allowing maximum reliability and ammunition compatibility.

M4 Barrel Extension

This includes enlarged and lengthened feed ramps to ensure smooth feeding of all ammunition types. The barrel extensions are black oxide finished, ensuring excellent longevity and performance.


  • BRT OPTIMUM RECCE Profile (.750 Gas Block)
  • BRT EXT Length Gas System
  • BRT Gas Drive
  • 5/8-24 Suppressor Ready Muzzle Thread
  • 4 Groove Rifling 1/7 Twist
  • 416R Stainless Steel
  • Satin Finish
  • Hand Lapped Bore
  • 223 WYLDE or 5.56 MOD0 Chamber
  • M4 Barrel Extension
  • Weight: 33.5 oz
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