BRT Covert Comp 6X

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: Black River Tactical

The BRT Covert Comp provides a unique combination of low blast, recoil compensation and low light performance not found in other muzzle devices.

The unique design directs blast downrange and away from the operator.

It moderates felt recoil, allowing for faster follow ups.

It provides low light performance nearly as good as the common A2 style muzzle device.

The Covert Comp is a great general purpose muzzle device and make operating more enjoyable.

Made from through hardened Chrome-Moly steel for maximum strength and toughness.

Finished with corrosion resistant Melonite treatment.

Includes wrench flats for easy installation.

Measures 1.850” in length and .8635” (22mm) diameter

Weighs only 2.2 oz, the same as the A2 style muzzle device

FLBS-2-6X is designed for use with bores in 6.8mm / .27 caliber and smaller with 5/8-24 threads.

This includes: 223 REM (5.56x45), 6mm ARC, 6.5 Grendel (6.5x39), 6.8 SPC (6.8x43).

100% designed and produced in the USA!

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