BRT MicroPin Mk12 Gas Block - .750"

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The MicroPin Mk12 features Mk12 styling, which is slightly beefier than the standard MicroPin and is corrosion resistant through the use of 17-4 PH stainless steel.
The MicroPin Mk12 Gas Block is designed to fit under most available free float rails and fits all AR Family barrels with a .750" nominal diameter gas block journal.
All bores are machined to very tight Mil-Spec tolerances to ensure precise fits on both the barrel journal and gas tube.
This maximizes gas flow and allows top gas system performance.
Pinning of the gas block is a must for professional end users who demand the ultimate reliability from their carbines.
In fact, the Mil-spec requires pinning on Front Site Bases.
Most low profile gas blocks are designed to be secured with just two small set screws.
Unfortunately, those gas blocks can come loose from the heat and impact of heavy firing schedules and rough handling.
The Black River Tactical Mk12 Gas Block is designed to be easily pinned to the barrel in addition to set screw mounting, for a maintenance free, reliable solution.
It features a flat, center spotted face that allows for easy drilling and installation of the coil pin.
To install, just secure the assembled barrel and gas block in a drill press vice and drill through, using the center spot as a guide.
The stainless steel coil pin is then easily driven in and results in a permanent solid lock up.
The block may also be used with solid dowel pins and taper pins.

All Black River Tactical products are 100% designed and produced in the USA!

Precision CNC machined from 17-4 PH Stainless Steel
Through hardened for maximum strength and toughness.

Matte natural stainless finish

Measures 0.925” in length

Weighs only 1.50 oz.

Fits barrels with a .750" nominal diameter gas block journal
Gas Block
(2) knurled set screws

Installation Instructions

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