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Replacement for LMT MRP Carbine Length straight gas tube.

Works with the following Factory Barrel Assemblies:

10.5" 5.56 NATO

11.5" 5.56 NATO

14.5" 5.56 NATO

12.5" 6.8 SPC

16" 6.8 SPC

The BRT EZTUNE Gas Tube reduces gas system flow and corrects excessive gas drive from barrels with large gas ports or for use with a dedicated suppressor.

The EZTUNE Gas Tube replaces the straight gas tube and requires no modifications or removal of the pressed and pinned gas block.

After installation, it requires no user adjustments or maintenance.

It is available in several port sizes to meet many applications.

This items consists of 1 gas tube and pin.

Expected service life of ~10k rounds.

Installation requires removal and replacement of the gas tube.

Installation is extremely easy and should take less than 10 minutes, start to finish.

Sizing Note: EZTUNE Gas Tube sizes are one step larger than barrel ports for the same Gas Drive.

e.x. To get the equivalent of a .0625 barrel port, the .065 gas tube should be selected.

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